Protesters againt deforestation take on Krispy Kreme

3 July 2014

Environmentalists are taking on an unexpected — and unexpectedly delicious — enemy of the Earth.

Protestors say the Krispy Kreme doughnut company is responsible for destroying the habitat of endangered animals such as Sumatran tigers and orangutans.

Volunteers for the Forest Heroes Campaign want the company to stop frying doughnuts in palm oil produced by hewing rainforests. They rallied Tuesday to protest the opening of a Krispy Kreme store in New Castle, Del.

Management quickly ordered the protesters to leave the premises, so they moved across the street. “Clearly Krispy Kreme understands that the public knowing the unappetizing truth about its links to rainforest destruction is bad for business,” Forest Heroes activist Kevin Grandia wrote on the campaign website.

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