Press Release: New Forests Registers Forest Carbon Offset Project at Hanes Ranch in Mendocino County, California

18 September 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (September 17, 2014) – New Forests announced today the regulatory approval of the Hanes Ranch Forest Carbon Project, which was developed under the California Compliance Offset Protocol – U.S. Forest Projects, a standard adopted by the California Air Resources Board for use in the California cap and trade program. The California Air Resources Board (“ARB”) approved issuance of over 86,000 ARB offset credits to the Hanes Ranch Forest Carbon Project. ARB offset credits can be used for compliance in the California greenhouse gas emissions trading program.

The project encompasses 2,500 acres of Coastal Redwood, Douglas-Fir, and mixed hardwood forest held by the Hanes family, which has managed forests and rangeland in the region since the nineteenth century. Hanes Ranch includes miles of the salmon-bearing Garcia River and Rancheria Creek. By registering the Improved Forest Management project and selling carbon offsets in the California cap and trade system, Hanes Ranch has made a legal commitment to maintain current forest carbon stocks on the project area. The project enables the Hanes family to manage the forest for both increased carbon sequestration and sustainable timber production. The project will generate significant revenue for Hanes Ranch, assisting the family in their multi-generational commitment to forest stewardship.

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