New Study Forecasts Over 25 Percent Depletion of World's Forests

10 October 2013

Forests worldwide will continue to slowly shrink before leveling out at a lower level, say researchers based at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, in a new study.

Varied trends, mostly downwards in terms of forest cover, affect the world’s forest from illegal logging in Indonesia, associated with palm oil production, causing horrendous smog hundreds of miles away in Singapore to natural phenomena like ash-dieback disease, currently affecting many established hardwoods in Western Europe.

The Guelph University researchers analyzed forests trends around the world, developing a mathematical model showing future land use changes. Their findings make dispiriting reading for those arguing that forest cover needs to be maintained as part of a strategy to lockdown carbon that would otherwise find its way into Earth’s atmosphere as the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.

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