New Approach to International Forestry Offset Projects is Introduced to the Global Market with Adoption of Climate Action Reserve Protocol

23 October 2013

Marking a milestone for the Climate Action Reserve – North America’s most trusted, experienced and knowledgeable carbon offset registry – and REDD+ initiatives, the Reserve Board of Directors today adopted the organization’s Mexico Forest Protocol. The protocol, which is the product of several years of collaboration, represents a new approach to international forestry offset projects. It was developed with an unprecedented level of involvement from ejidos (local communities), and as a result, reflects a high level of social and environmental safeguards. Another differentiating characteristic of the protocol is that it was developed with an emphasis on how it would be implemented in practice and how it would be viewed by policymakers in Mexico and California.

“The work of the Climate Action Reserve to support clean technologies and better forest management is precisely what we need to spur innovation in Mexico. This protocol will not only be of benefit there, but will support California’s ongoing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while expanding business opportunities and job creation” said Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana), who also chairs the Select Committee on California-Mexico Cooperation.

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