Middleton Place, LLC and Green Assets Protect 3,700-acre Forest With Carbon-Offset Project

8 October 2013

A new carbon-offset credit project will preserve more than 3,700 acres of pristine woodlands adjacent to historic Middleton Place indefinitely through a partnership between Middleton Place, LLC and Green Assets, Inc.

North Carolina-based Green Assets, which develops high-quality forest carbon-offset projects, successfully registered the Middleton Woodlands Avoided Conversion project through the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) this month. Comprising 3,731 acres near Charleston, the project was registered as an “Avoided Conversion” project. This designation prevents conversion of forestland to non-forest land use by dedicating the land to continuous forest cover.

“We are thrilled to complete this first phase of our carbon project. Protecting the property for future generations while providing immediate and long-term income fits perfectly with our mission of environmental sustainability and historic preservation,” said Colby Hollifield, managing director of the Middleton Place, LLC. "The expert team from Green Assets made it all possible.”

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