Korea Supports Forest Programs in Indonesia

15 October 2013

Korea is famous for its diverse forests. There are a number of recreational forests across the nation and unique programs using woodlands, such as ecotourism and healing forests. Now the nation is exporting those forest-related programs to Indonesia, one of the world’s most natural resource-rich countries. Following are excerpts from an interview with Korea Forest Service Minister Shin Won-sop about this project.

Korea Herald: Korea and Indonesia concluded an MOU on cooperation in recreational forests and ecotourism during their summit this month. What led the two countries to reach this agreement?

Shin Won-sop: Indonesia is Korea’s largest partner in forest resources including investment in plantations, conservation of tropical forests and forest biomass. During the Korea-Indonesia forest cooperation committee meeting in Jakarta in July, Indonesian Forest Minister Zulkifli Hasan expressed his hope for the introduction of Korean-style recreational forests like the one on Mount Cheongtaesan and ecotourism in his country’s forest preservation areas.

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