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By Steve Zwick

9 October 2009 | Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) are designed to ensure that that nature's services are properly accounted for in a way that promotes sustainable development by rewarding people who act as guardians of the planet's living ecosystems. For those schemes to deliver on their environmental and economic promise, however, a much broader section of the global population must understand how they function.

Spreading that awareness is a core mission of Global Katoomba Meetings, which are designed to spread awareness of PES schemes among beneficiaries and providers of ecosystem services around the world – from soybean farmers in and around the Chesapeake Bay in the United States to cocoa growers in the forests of Ghana.

Now Ecosystem Marketplace is bringing Katoomba Meetings themselves to an even broader audience – by offering all panel discussions in streaming audio and as podcasts, along with available PowerPoint presentations.

Several chunks of the event, however, have been lost to posterity - thanks to a few ill-timed power outages. To fill in these gaps, we are digging through other audio sources available and splicing them into the presentations. Because this is a time-consuming process, some presentations are taking longer to upload than are others.

If the panel you're interested isn't here yet, simply check back in a day or two.

Also, please understand that PowerPoints will be posted later than audio -- so if you hear presenters referencing graphics, just be patient. (Of course, if the presentations still aren't up within a few days of the audio, feel free to contact Steve Zwick at


-- it's always possible that we missed something)


Katoomba XV: Day One

Keynote Addresses

Jonathan Allotey, Executive Director, Environment Protection Agency, Ghana (Coming Soon)


Dr. Omari Boamah, Deputy Minister of Environment, Technology and Science, Ghana


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Michael Jenkins, President & CEO, Forest Trends & the Katoomba Group


(Coming Soon)


Dr. Julius Okputu, Commissioner for the Environment, Cross River State, Nigeria


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Keynote Presentations


NOTE: Due to a power outage, this session begins in the middle of the presentation by Sachin Kapila, Group Biodiversity Adviser to Shell International. We are trying to secure audio from the beginning of his presentation, and will add that if it proves audible. Thank you for your patience.

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Moderator: Mohammad Rafiq, Senior Vice President, Rainforest Alliance


"A Private Sector Perspective on Emerging Environmental Markets", delivered by Sachin Kapila, Group Biodiversity Advisor, Shell International Limited (Note: due to technical difficulties, the beginning of this presentation will be added later)


"Forests, Climate and Carbon", delivered by Mariano Cenamo, Executive Director, IDESAM, Brazil


"Exploring the Potential for 'Cocoa Carbon' in Ghana", delivered by Ken Norris, Director, Centre for Agri-Environmental Research, University of Reading

REDD: Evolving Architecture and First Steps in West and Central Africa

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Moderator: Victor Agyeman, Director, Forestry Research Institute, Ghana


"National REDD Architecture Options", delivered by Lucio Pedroni, Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Decisions


"The Status of REDD Readiness in Africa", delivered by Andre Aquino, BioCarbon Fund and Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, World Bank and Josep Gari, Technical Adviser for Natural Resources and Ecosystems, UNDP Africa


"REDD and PES Perspectives in Central Africa", delivered by Alain Karsenty, Economist, Centre de Cooperation Internationale en Recherche Agronomique por le Developpement (CIRAD), France

Beyond REDD: Capturing the Full Range of Terrestrial Carbon Options

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Moderator: Jacob Olander, Director, Katoomba Incubator, Forest Trends


"The Africa BioCarbon Initiative", delivered by Peter Minang, Global Coordinator for the Alternatives to Slash and Burn Partnership (ASB), World Agroforestry Centre


"Terrestrial Carbon: Lessons from FPAN's African Project", delivered by Bernard Mercer, Chief Executive, Forests Philanthropy Action Network (FPAN)


"Biochar – Prospects for Africa", delivered by Edward Yeboah, Soil Research Institute, Ghana and Phil Covell, Business Analyst, Forest Trends


"The Potential for an Agricultural Carbon Facility for Africa", delivered by Michael Coren, Forestry and Carbon Markets Specialist, Climate Focus


Katoomba XV: Day Two

Summary of Day One and Welcome Address

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Tunde Morakinyo, Principal Consultant, ERM

Paying for Biodiversity – Emerging Opportunities

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Moderator: Mr. Nick Westcott, British High Commissioner to Ghana


"Biodiversity Offsets and Conservation Banking: A Tool for West Africa", presented by Kerry ten Kate, Director Business and Biodiversity Offset Program (BBOP), Forest Trends and Amrei Von Hase, Science Coordinator, BBOP, Forest Trends


"Hydroelectricity and Biodiversity Offsetting – A Case from Sierra Leone", presented by Abdulai Barrie, Environmental Consultant, Bumbuna Hydro Electric Project, Sierra Leone


"Linkages between Biodiversity and REDD: The Makira Forest Protected Area, Madagascar", presented y Christopher Holmes, Technical Director Madagascar Country Program, Wildlife Conservation Society

Payments for Marine and Hydrological Services

Moderator: Professor Chris Gordon, Africa Wetlands Centre, University of Ghana


"Water, Weather and West Africa's Forests", presented by Yadvinder Malhi, Professor of Ecosystem Science, University of Oxford School of Geography and the Environment


"PES for Mangroves and Wetlands", presented by Gordon Ajonina, Mangrove & Wetlands Management Expert, National Programme Coordinator, Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society (CWCS)


"PES and Market Mechanisms for Conserving Coastal Ecosystem Services" presented by Winnie Lau, Program Manager MARES Program, Forest Trends




Day-Two Breakout Groups

Pro-Poor REDD – How Can We Do It?

(Coming Soon)


Facilitator: Phil Franks, Coordinator, CARE Poverty, Environment, and Climate Change Network, CARE International


"Regional Challenges and Opportunities for Pro-poor REDD," presented by Kyeretwie Opoku, Civic Response and Forest Watch Ghana


"Legal and Institutional Aspects of Pro-Poor REDD," presented by Kederick Johnson, Acting Managing Director, Forestry Development Authority, Liberia


"Potential Pro-Poor Benefit Sharing Mechanisms", presented by Mark Ellis-Jones, Programme Coordinator, Equity and Efficiency in Payments for Ecosystem Services, CARE International

REDD/Carbon Measurement, Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV)

(Coming Soon)


Facilitator: Joerg Seifert-Granzin, Senior Advisor Climate Change and Environmental Services, Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza (FAN), Bolivia


"Developing a Carbon Map for Ghana", presented by Yadvinder Malhi, Professor of Ecosystem Science, University of Oxford School of Geography and the Environment


"The Challenge of Accounting for Forest Degradation", presented by Johannes Eberling, Independent Consultant, Madagascar


"Lessons from the Juma Project, Brazil", presented by Mariano Cenamo, Executive Director, IDESAM

Tree Crops: Linking REDD with Farmers and Tree Planting

(Coming Soon)


Facilitator: Frank Hicks,Vice President Investment Opportunities, BioLogical Capital


"Cocoa Carbon – Potential and Challenges in West Africa"


Speaker, Sustainable Tree Crops Program, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (name to be announced)


"Cocoa Farmer Perspectives", presented by Paul C.K. Buah, President, Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union and Nicholas Adjei-Gyan, Research and Development Officer, Kuapa Kokoo Ltd.


"Cocoa Buyer Perspectives on the Ghana Cocoa Carbon Initiative", presented by Tony Lass, MBE, Sourcing Advisor for Cadbury, plc.


Day Two Closing Panel and Plenary

What Is the Future of PES in West Africa

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Katoomba XV: Private Meeting (8 October)

Charcoal and Energy Options

Moderator: Raphael Yeboah, Executive Director, Forestry Services Division, Forestry Commission, Government of Ghana


"East African Experience with Sustainable Charcoal and Carbon Finance", delivered by Will Garrett, Senior Consultant, Camco, Kenya


"Community-Based Regulation of Charcoal in Ghana's Transition Zone", delivered by Victor Mombu, Program Director, NCRC Ghana and James Ohement, Katoomba Group Incubator West Africa


"Renewable Energy Options in Liberia", delivered by Joel Strickland, President, Buchanan Renewables

Toward an Integrated Landscape Approach to Land-Use-Based Emissions Reduction and Sequestration

Moderator: Odigha Odigha, Chairman, Cross Rivers State Forestry Commission, Nigeria


"Policy and Financial Mechanisms for Scaling up Climate Action in Agricultural Landscapes", delivered by Musah Abu-Juam, Forestry Commission, Ghana


"Monitoring and Measuring Carbon at the Landscape Scale", delivered by Peter Minang, global Coordinator for the Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Partnership (ASB) of the World Forestry Center and Kieth Shepherd, Senior Scientist, World Agroforestry Centre


"Institutional Challenges for Engaging Smallholder Farmers and Pastoralists in Landscape-scale Carbon Initiatives", delivered by Sara Scherr, President & CEO, Ecoagriculture Partners

Oil and PES

Moderator: Woeli Kwala Kemeur, Chief Director, Ministry of Energy


"Potential marine and Coastal PES Options in the Context of Ghana's West Coast Conservation Initiative", delivered by Nana Kofi Adu-Nsiah, Executive Director, Wildlife Division, Ghana and Winnie Lau, Program Manager, MARES Program, Forest Trends


"Lessons from Nigeria's Oil and Gas Experience", delivered by Odigha Odigha, Chairman, Cross Rivers State Forestry Commission, Nigeria


"Regional and Local Stakeholder Perspectives", presented by Hon. Samia Nkrumah, Member of Parliament, Jomoro Constituency