Katoomba Ball Rolling to Vietnam

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By Ecosystem Marketplace

4 June 2010 | Ben Metz has been skyping people whose ideas will be on display at this month's Katoomba Meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam (see Katoomba XVII Online, right).  Not all of them can make it to the meeting, and perhaps you can't either.  That's why we're posting all the material here, and why we've created a dedicated web site for K-17 material.   


Ricardo Bayon, EKO Asset Management Partners

Ricardo Bayon is a Partner and co-founder of EKO Asset Management Partners. Before that, he co-founded Ecosystem Marketplace.

In this short interview he gives us a overview of why Ecosystem Marketplace was founded, why he moved on to co-found EKO Asset Management Partners and what he considers the big issues are for environmental markets in SE Asia.



 Winnie Lau, Program Manager of MARES

Winnie Lau, Manager of MARES Program provides us a basic outline of this new Forest Trends program.  MARES aims to protect crucial marine ecosystem services by harnessing markets and private sector investment, in order to complement conventional coastal and marine management and safeguard human well-being.

Winnie will be leading a session on coastal and marine ecosystems in Hanoi and here she also outlines the objectives of this session.



Joe Heffernan, Fauna & Flora International  

Joe Heffernan, REDD coordinator for Fauna and Flora International, outlines FFI’s work across SE Asia and tells us a little about what he considers the burning carbon related issue for the region: one of capacity…