Just Launched: Forest Footprint Disclosure Project

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By FFD Project

Modelled on the successful Carbon Disclosure Project, it aims to create transparency and shed light on a key challenge within investor portfolios, where currently there is little quality information.


Participating companies will be asked to disclose how their operations and supply chains are impacting forests worldwide, and what is being done to manage those impacts responsibly. They will also gain a better understanding of their own environmental dependencies, and how the changing climate and new regulatory frameworks could affect access to resources and the cost of doing business in the long term.


The disclosure information will be reported annually, enabling investors to identify the sustainable businesses of the future as well possible risks related to a company’s forest footprint.

The FFD Project launched yesterday at DFID with the backing of 12 major financial institutions with over $1.3 trillion in assets under management.

Read the Global Forest Footprints Report, an overview of how businesses around the world contribute to deforestation.

View the media release 'Footprinting the Business Link to Deforestation' - 1pm. June 15 2009

The launch has been covered by Reuters, FT.com and The Telegraph - for a full list see the news section.

You'll also find more information on the site about the initiative, about forest footprints and each of the key commodities behind them, and how and why your company should participate. Please contact us for further information on the project, or for press enquiries.