How The REDD+ Community Leverages Online Learning To Protect Our Forests And Reduce Carbon Emissions

1 April 2014

by Breen Byrnes, Acting Manager, Communications and Learning, WWF

Forests have a critical role to play in the fight against global climate change. Forest loss accounts for up to 20 percent of global carbon emissions -- more than all the cars, trucks, trains, planes and ships in the world. By reducing forest loss, we can reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change. It's that simple.

Reducing deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries, conservation and sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest carbon stocks hold a great deal of promise as a way to cut global greenhouse gas emissions. REDD+ -- which stands for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation -- is the term for this initiative with these goals in mind.

The WWF Forest and Climate Programme works to advance support for REDD+ at the international policy level with forest countries and on the ground with local communities. Our goal is to build capacity and ensure programs for REDD+ produce real and verifiable emissions reductions while benefiting biodiversity and people's well-being.

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