Finite Carbon and United Church of Christ Complete Forest Carbon Project for California Offset Program

16 October 2013

This fall marks a major turning point in the 84 year history of the Missouri Mid-South United Church of Christ’s Shannondale Tree Farm. On October 15, Finite Carbon and the UCC Missouri Mid-South Conference registered the 4,000 acre Shannondale Tree Farm with the Climate Action Reserve.

This Conference of the UCC is the first religious entity in the United States to complete a carbon offset project for CA’s greenhouse gas emission reduction program and demonstrates the diversity of forest landowners integrating carbon offset projects into their overall management approach. The project qualifies for over 120,000 CAR offsets and is now being transitioned into the CA Air Resources Board program as an early action offset project.

“Shannondale Tree Farm and its forest ministry make a huge difference in the lives of the people of Shannon County. We provide seasonal work at the time of timber harvest, using local companies who employ local residents. We provide educational support for K-8 children in after school programs and special experiences like field trips out of the county. And we bring together work teams to help neighbors with winterizing their homes, siding, roofing and painting, and outdoor maintenance for elders and those who live with disabilities,” said Jeff Fulk, Pastor and Director of Shannondale. “Revenue from carbon offsets will greatly aid in our financial sustainability and enable us to continue our important work serving the Shannon County community.”

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