Expedition Kuna: a Tropical Rainforest Forgotten By Time

10 October 2013

We have arrived at a remote, unspoiled tropical forest in eastern Panama and it will be home for the next 12 days.

A hacking sound erupts as the team, one Latin Panamanian and nine local indigenous people, begin to clear camp with machetes. I stay back at the dugout canoe to mark our position with GPS and while doing so, take note of my surroundings. Flowing from a steep canyon, a small stream trickles below me while mysterious clicks and hisses emanate from unseen insects. A black ant, thicker than a pencil, speeds up an immense tree towards a profusion of leafy green canopy leaves 30 meters above. The understory features spiny palms and meter-long aroid leaves entangled in a jungle perceptibly difficult to manoeuvre through.

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