Ebola-torn Liberia pledges to tackle deforestation, with Norwegian funding

23 September 2014

Liberia is ready to bear some economic cost in order to stop the desecration of its forests, the country’s foreign minister Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan told a UN summit in New York today.

It made for an emotional session: the country’s President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, was unable to attend the summit due to the Ebola outbreak in Liberia. Ngafuan told reporters the disease has isolated Liberia, compounding the effects of the civil war, which rendered the country a “pariah”.

He said: “We as a small country can make a huge contribution to the global community.”

Illegal logging is rife in Liberia since the end of its civil war in 2004. Norway has pledged US $150 million to help the country end all deforestation by 2020. The money will initially go to building capacity in government and society.

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