Eating the Amazon to Save the Amazon

11 November 2015

Rows of combines roll in formation across regimented soybean fields. In the Brazilian Amazon, thousands of square kilometers have been cleared for the production of soy and beef for export. This is one way of producing food from the rainforest.

But there are other ways. In Peru, an Awajun farmer tends her farm in the rainforest. There are over 200 species of edible plants recognized by her community. In Lima, Ámaz, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino’s chic restaurant, serves up an array of Amazonian ingredients, including aji negro, a rich sauce derived from a toxic variety of manioc, carefully purified and tamed by a Bora indigenous community in the Peruvian jungle.

Food will determine the fate of the Amazon forest. And the relationship between food and the rainforest is complicated and contradictory.

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