DRC seeks $1B to save its rainforest

22 May 2014

The Democratic Republic of Congo is seeking a billion dollars for a plan to protect up to 9 million hectares of rainforests, reports the Financial Times

In a presentation given at the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday, DR Congo Minister of Environment Bavon N’sa Mputu Elima said his country needed foreign assistance to protect forests. He cited Indonesia as a precedent for such an approach. 

“We have more forests than Indonesia and they got $1 billion,” he was quoted as saying, referring to a 2010 agreement Indonesia signed with Norway that would pay the nation up to a billion dollars if it successfully reduces deforestation from a specified level. Indonesia lost almost 10 million more hectares of forest than DRC since 2000, according to data from Global Forest Watch. 

"The DRC accepts its responsibility to protect its forests for the benefit of humanity," the Minister said. "But as a developing country we require a partnership with industrialized nations to provide the financial support needed by the program."

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