Conservation Corner: Forests And Livestock Can Be Compatible

7 October 2013

Agroforestry is a land management approach that provides an opportunity to put your land to work in unique and profitable ways. And while conventional wisdom in the past has been that livestock and trees can’t co-exist, nothing could be further from the truth. With proper management, forestland can do much more than just grow trees for harvesting.

A forest requires management to ensure the health of the vegetation that comprises it and the health of the wildlife that depend upon it. Nature’s management tool has always been fire.

Fire burns up the forest debris, reduces damaging insect populations, weeds out the sick trees, takes out thick understory, puts nutrients back into the soil, and enhances new growth. However, in a private forest situation a fire isn’t an ideal solution. This is where the landowner steps in to provide the necessary management to ensure a healthy and productive forest.

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