Commentary: B.C. forest giveaway threatens to speed up collapse

27 May 2014

Commentary from Jens Wieting, forest and climate campaigner for Sierra Club British Columbia.

Historically, societies have collapsed because they cling to business as usual when a vital resource is becoming scarce. From Easter Island to the Mayans, history tells us what happens when societies ignore the signs they have stretched finite resources beyond their limits.

Here in British Columbia, we are seeing the same ominous pattern when it comes to our forests. Even in regions that are running out of trees, government acts as if finding more trees to cut is the only priority, no matter what the cost in the longer term.

To this short-sighted end, the provincial government is inviting comments until the end of May on a tenure change proposal that offers logging companies a change from “volume-based” to “secure area-based” tenures in the form of tree farm licences.

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