Climate talks: The story so far

11 November 2009

Amid the complete breakdown of the Bangkok talks, Lumumba D'Aping, deputy chairperson, G-77 said, "We will not walk out of the talks. We represent 80 per cent of the population of the world, and our citizens are suffering from climate change."

 A joint statement by the group of 130 developing countries referred to as G-77 and China, notes that the US and EU are attempting to terminate the Kyoto Protocol and all relevant international negotiations over its next phase.

Responding to a question on Saudi Arabia's seemingly shifting position within G-77, he said, Europeans have a "Divide and Rule Manual" but Group of 77 which was established in 1964 remains united in the face of collusion among rich nations.

The Bangkok Climate Change talks were preceded by the UN Climate Change Summit in New York on 22 September, convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, at which the government clearly called for a comprehensive climate change agreement in Copenhagen.

The Bangkok meeting will be followed by a final five days of pre-Copenhagen negotiations in Barcelona, Spain during 2-6 November 2009.