Cheakamus community forest set to sell carbon offsets

7 May 2015

After a lengthy process of agreements and review, the Cheakamus Community Forest (CCF) will soon be able to sell its carbon offsets.

On April 28, the Province of British Columbia and the CCF announced the signing of an Atmospheric Benefits Sharing Agreement that enables the creation and sale of carbon offsets.

The agreement is the culmination of years of work, said CCF chair Jeff Fisher.

"There are multiple stages and agreements throughout," Fisher said.

"You have to prove that your forest management is leaving trees standing, or growing more trees in addition to what would be required under the normal forest management laws of British Columbia, (and) you have to get a timber supply review completed that shows that.

"You have to have a validation audit by a third party that is certified to do these kinds of audits, and then the validation audit gets verified by another third party."

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