Carbon Farmers of Australia Releases Soil Carbon Methodology

5 April 2014

From Carbon Farmers of Australia:

It is with great relief.......... that we announce that the Soil Carbon Methodology has been delivered!

Just a quick note - I've been resting under a Banana leaf (read: holed up in Bondi with Grandchildren!) since the last newsletter and, in a twinkling of an eye, the Department has snuck up and put the Soil Carbon Methodology up for public viewing!!

Now, get yourself a nice BIG cup of something strong, and have a look at what we have been beavering away at, but not really able to show you.

This is now YOUR chance to have a say - What do you think? Strengths? Weaknesses? Feel free to ask us questions. Click here to see the methodology,

Don't worry too much if it is still hard to read or looks hard to implement - There will be some more simplifications to it. As in, some easier to read explanations of it. The Clean Energy Regulator will also do some explanations.

ALSO, we will be doing some webinars to explain it, as soon as it looks like a final draft of the meth AND we feel we can support it.

The process from here is that it will stay on public view for about 35 more days, then all the feedback will be taken on board, THEN it goes back to the Domestic Offset Integrity Committee and then if all is well, they suggest to the Minister that it should be legislated. Once this occurs, we can use it! Due to be about July 1st.