Can Asia Pulp & Paper Really End Deforestation?

15 October 2013

Can a company that has been operating for decades under an unsustainable business model ever truly change its ways and join the emerging breed of companies that are committed to tackling climate change head on?

That is the question Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) is seeking to answer as it looks to build on its pledge to bring an end to deforestation across its operations. It is less than 10 months since Indonesia's APP switched off the bulldozers, making it one of the most high-profile companies to date to publicly renounce its previously unsustainable practices.After years of criticism from NGOs, most notably Greenpeace, the company surprised the world in February with a pledge to halt deforestation, a u-turn that effectively laid down the gauntlet to both the rest of the paper industry and the Indonesian government to follow suit.

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