Burger King Deal With Tim Hortons May Be Disastrous For Rainforests

29 August 2014

Burger King’s plan to merge with doughnut chain Tim Hortons in Canada may be a bad sign for Southeast Asia’s rainforests.

Both companies have come under fire from environmental groups for their heavy use of questionably sourced palm oil. Skyrocketing demand for the oil, produced from red palm trees, has pushed plantation owners in Malaysia and Indonesia to cut down large swaths of rainforest. Now, advocates fear that Burger King's plan to build the fastest-growing fast food empire in the world will lead to a marked uptick in the destruction.

“Few recognize the threat this merger poses to the world’s tropical rainforests,” Lael Goodman, an analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists, said in a statement. “Both companies have appalling track records on palm oil.”

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