Between the Amazon and the Atlantic: Brazil’s Threatened Savannas

4 November 2013

It is part of the country’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions from deforestation, and sits alongside the plan developed for the Amazon in 2003, the PPPCDaM, which brought together 14 ministries to tackle Amazonian deforestation, and which has shown some encouraging results.

“The difference [between the Cerrado Plan and the Amazon one] is that it’s more recent, so it’s still being adjusted, and results are still modest. We achieved a deforestation reduction in the Cerrado in 2008-2009, but there’s a lot to do,” Oliveira said.

The government says land conversion fell to 7,637 square kilometers from 2008 to 2009. That’s roughly equivalent to what was lost in the Amazon in the same year, but represents a higher proportion of the total area, as the Cerrado is smaller.

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