B.C. scientists seek forest management strategies to slow climate change

22 July 2014

A five-year project by B.C.’s four leading research universities will draw a roadmap for forest management to help the industry cope with climate change, and even slow its advance.

The ability of the province’s 55 million hectares of forest to capture atmospheric carbon has been seriously hampered by the extent of pine forests killed by the mountain pine beetle, an area that now tops 18 million hectares, according to the project’s lead scientist Werner Kurz.

The Forest Carbon Management Project, funded by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions and led by the University of Victoria, will engage academics, government officials and scientists, First Nations and industry leaders with the goal of maximizing the potential of our forests to capture and store carbon, both in the living forest, soil-based carbon sinks and in long-lasting products of the forest industry such as furniture and buildings.

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