Asia Pulp and Paper’s Forest Clearing Moratorium in Indonesia is Holding

16 October 2013

Earlier this year, we covered the news that on February 5th 2013, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), had turned off the bulldozers and ceased clearing natural forest land in Indonesia with immediate effect. At face value, this was good news, because last year, APPs June 2012 sustainability roadmap detailed the company would only completely cease harvesting natural forest wood for their paper mills by 2015. That APP stopped sourcing logs from the natural forest two years earlier than planned was a big deal, with the announcement coming from the company chairman.

Even so, the reaction to the news was guarded. Greenpeace – who had campaigned aggressively against APP, and downstream, against big-brand-name customers who sourced packaging materials from them – while applauding the move, and recognizing the significance of the announcement, weren’t about to rubber stamp the company as a responsible producer of paper products. Such approval would have to wait until APP could prove they had followed up their announcement with sustained action on the ground.

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