APP Welcomes Greenpeace Report Into the Implementation of Its Forest Conservation Policy

29 October 2013

APP welcomes a Greenpeace report on the work it is carrying out to permanently end deforestation in its supply chain through its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP).

Greenpeace’s ‘APP’s Forest Conservation Policy: Progress Review’, which was launched today, takes an in-depth look at all aspects of how the FCP is being implemented and concludes that ‘the company is serious about its FCP plans and its key senior staff are genuinely committed to driving the delivery of these new commitments’.

The FCP, which was launched on February 5th this year, saw the introduction of a moratorium on all natural forest clearance, which remains in place while assessments are carried out to determine which parts of APP suppliers’ concessions are of High Conservation Value (HCV) and which are of High Carbon Stock (HCS), all of which will be protected. The assessments are being undertaken by The Forest Trust (TFT) and independent HCV assessors, and are set to be completed in the first half of 2014.

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