2nd Biotrade Congress to Focus on Potential of Biodiversity Products for Forest Preservation

9 December 2013

Experts meeting in Geneva will discuss how the sale and trade of goods sustainably harvested from forests, if expanded, may preserve stands of timber as carbon "sinks" and thus mitigate climate change.

They will debate this topic and review efforts to conserve biodiversity during the Second BioTrade Congress (11-13 December 2013)

UNCTAD's BioTrade Initiative is a sixteen-year-old programme that helps rural communities and businesses in developing countries fight the loss of biodiversity and enhance livelihoods. The Initiative, which now operates in 21 nations, empowers communities in harvesting, processing, and marketing products based on sustainably managed ecosystems. BioTrade products and services, which include pulp from baobob trees, cosmetics made from the oil of marula fruit in Namibia and Botswana, and ecotourism in the Andean region, boost rural incomes and offer an incentive to conserve local plant and animal species.

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