Who Is Protecting Our Forests?

"If Not Us, Then Who?" Photo Exhibition

September 19 - September 24, 2014 Host The Corner Pop Up Shop, Roger Smith Hotel Location 501 Lexington Avenue New York City, New York United States

"If Not Us Then Who" launches in New York to answer one key question, who is protecting our forests? This exciting new project opens from 19th September at The Corner Pop Up Shop, Roger Smith Hotel with a series of screenings, a photography exhibition and inspiring talks and discussions. This week long event intends to join up the dots between forests, forest communities and climate change when the world will be focusing on New York for the UN Climate Summit. "If Not Us Then Who" communicates first-hand the personal stories of an inconspicuous yet vita people, as they battle to protect the lives, their cultures and our forests. These unique stories will be told through powerful videos and striking imagery, shown for the first time in this prime location.

Visit us at 501 Lexington Avenue, open from 9am - 8 pm every day until Thursday 24th September. A 12 minute walk from the UN building, it will be a space that promotes intellectual and visual content examining indigenous peoples fight to protect forests. A meeting space where journalists, indigenous peoples, activists and the public can relax, learn and explore. A more detailed schedule will be published in due course.

Visit ifnotusthenwho.me for more details. 

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