The Forest and Climate Challenge: Business, Government, and Indigenous Leaders Call for Action

September 22 - September 22, 2014 Host Ford Foundation Location 320 East 43rd Street New York City, New York United States

On September 22nd, a diverse panel of leaders from major corporations, indigenous peoples, local communities and governments will convene at the Ford Foundation before a select audience of opinion-makers, journalists and advocates to talk about the actions they are taking to reduce deforestation and associated conflict to the benefit of local communities, the bottom line and the climate. They will answer tough questions about what more they can do. The event is hosted by the Ford Foundation and organized together with the Climate and Land Use Alliance. The event will be webcast through the Ford Foundation website ( To follow or mention the event on social media, use the hashtag #forestsclimate.

Forests play a vital role in safeguarding the Earth’s climate, pulling substantial amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and slowing global warming. A fifth of global carbon emissions comes from the conversion of forests and peat lands to other uses. Reducing deforestation is a cost-effective climate solution. Yet we lose 13 million hectares of forest every year—that’s 36 football fields of forest every minute. This event brings together diverse actors as part of an emerging informal alliance which together are making things happen on the frontlines of climate change—whether that frontline is in a downtown supermarket store or in humble dwellings under the shade of the remote and vast rainforests of Asia, Latin America and Africa.

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