Short courses for technical personnel: Collecting and processing forest inventory data

August 2 - August 13, 2010

Purposes: The aim of the courses is to familiarize forest technical personnel with methodologies to inventory forest resources; measuring tree and stand parameters and procedures for tree and stand parameters modelling.

Field visits and practical work is forests near Dili are included.

Conditions: The participants should have a basic understanding of Forestry.

Lectures can be given in English and Portuguese.

The maximum number of participants is 15 for either course or training week.

Responsible for the courses: Prof. Teresa Fonseca (Dept. of Forest and Landscape of UTAD, Portugal).

Courses location: Centro Juvenil Padre António Vieira in Dili (Democratic Republic of East-Timor).

Dili, the capital of East-Timor, is located in the northern side of Timor island. Dili can be reached by plane, with direct flights from Darwin (Australia), Dempasar/Bali (Indonesia) and Singapore.

In August it is the dry season and daily mean temperature is around 25° C.

Subscription can be made for one or for both of the courses, depending on the requirements of the participants.

Costs: No tuition costs are involved. Instruction booklets are offered to the students.

The costs for lodging depend on the requirements of the participants. Accommodation can be reserved in Centro Juvenil Padre António Vieira by request. Here the costs are about USA $ 20 per day, including breakfast. For a pension or hotel elsewhere the costs are between USA $ 40 and 80.

In addition costs for meals should be calculated. Participants can take their lunch and dinner at Centro Padre António Vieira (USA $ 5). In the town, each meal is between USA $ 7 and 10.



For a list of the course topics and registration form, click here (pdf).

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