Second Regional Forum for People and Forests

August 8 - August 9, 2011 Host The Center for People and Forests

In collaboration with Thailand's Royal Forest Department, RECOFTC – The Center for People and Forests, the ASEAN Social Forestry Network (ASFN), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are organizing the Second Regional Forum for People and Forests. As part of the global celebrations of the International Year of Forests 2011, the forum will explore the theme "Community Forestry: Key to Solving Current and Emerging Challenges."

The International Year of Forests calls for a people-centered approach to sustainable forest management. This forum intends to promote community forestry as a vital tool for solving current and emerging challenges in Asia and the Pacific.

The Second Regional Forum for People and Forests will provide a platform for diverse stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region to share experiences and discuss how community forestry can respond to challenges they face — among them, rural poverty, climate change, food and energy security, market access, decentralization, and governance.

Forum Objectives

  • Take stock of community forestry in the region and learn from innovative examples from across the globe
  • Develop a shared vision for community forestry in the Asia-Pacific region in 2020
  • Assess and explore current and emerging challenges and identify opportunities for community forestry to address them
  • Develop practical recommendations to strengthen community forestry and its role in tackling current and emerging challenges at regional and country levels (particularly in ASEAN and RECOFTC focal countries)
  • Develop a forum-wide "Call for Action" for different stakeholders to support specific country recommendations and regional and global mechanisms

Who Will Attend?

The forum expects to host 150 participants. The majority of participants will be policy-level decision makers, community forestry practitioners, community leaders, and representatives of select civil society organizations working in sustainable forest management and development. Experts from other regions, private entrepreneurs, and representatives from other sectors, such as agriculture or microfinance, will also be invited to share their experiences and ideas.

Participants will have a chance to:

  • Learn from community forestry leaders in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Take part in showcasing initiatives, projects, structures, and innovations
  • Contribute to developing a regional vision for community forestry in 2020
  • Share opinions, discuss issues, and identify practical solutions through group work and plenary discussions

Showcase Your Work

We want to learn about your work in community forestry. Part of the first day of the forum will be dedicated to a series of short presentations that will share diverse case studies from the region.
Forum organizers are now accepting short proposals for presentations of community forestry case studies. If you have a successful example or valuable lessons to share, please follow these guidelines and send a brief proposal (maximum two pages) for a five-minute presentation.

One representative from each selected case study will be fully funded to participate in the forum. The deadline is 25 May 2011.

For more information about the Second Regional Forum for People and Forests, please contact

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