REDD+ and Other Approaches to Catalyze Large Scale Investment to Reduce Deforestation

September 24 - September 24, 2014 Host Latham & Watkins LLP Location 885 3rd Avenue New York City United States

2:00pm – 4:00pm
Latham & Watkins LLP

REDD+ as a commodity – i.e. fungible emissions reduction units (carbon credits) – is not currently being invested in to the magnitude required to avoid dangerous climate change. Demand for REDD+ carbon credits is currently being met through voluntary financing mechanisms with limited windows for inclusion in regulatory mechanisms in the policy vacuum between now and 2020 or beyond.

Leading public and private sector organisations will examine solutions which can help to catalyse a transition to sustainable landscapes and reduce the emissions from deforestation within the next five years.

The event will focus on the follow areas:

1. Interventions to make REDD+ commercially viable, through economic and market-based approaches, regulatory instruments, or initiatives to boost information and awareness

2. Advancing the wider objectives and underlying aims of REDD+, by working with soft commodities and supply chains, corporations and investors, to reduce deforestation footprints.

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