PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue - Expanding Forest Certification in the Tropics

November 10 - November 11, 2010 Host PEFC

The PEFC Stakeholder Dialogue will look into the complex challenges facing certification in the tropics, including issues such as

  • socio-political factors limiting the desirability of long-term investment
  • unresolved land tenure issues
  • lack of consistent market incentives to compensate for additional costs
  • lack of relevant national certification standards, and
  • the cost barrier of certification itself, especially for small forest owners and communities. 

Participants will discuss in how far changing framework conditions can assist in overcoming these challenges and serve as important drivers to advancing certification. Such framework conditions include:

  • Public and private procurement policies demanding legal and sustainable timber
  • Governments developing timber assurance systems
  • REDD, Carbon trading and Payments for Ecosystem Services offering increased opportunities to value and market forest products from well managed forests
  • Strategic partnerships between different actors show first successes.

PEFC Workshops (Thursday, 11th November 2010)

Participants are also invited to attend one of the two parallel PEFC Workshops running on Thursday morning.

The revised PEFC forest management standard, to be presented for approval by the PEFC General Assembly on 12th November 2010, bans the use of GMOs in forest management.

Research suggest that GMOs offer economic and technical benefits especially in plantation forestry, while there are at the same time concerns about potential negative impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems.  
With various stakeholders suggesting a more flexible approach towards GMOs, PEFC continues to monitor ongoing research, scientific findings and societal expectations. Like all PEFC criteria, the current PEFC position on GMOs may be changed by due process and will be re-considered during the next revision cycle in 2015.

New Approaches to Certification
The Stakeholder Dialogue on the previous day tackles challenges and opportunities that forest certification faces in the tropics.

PEFC as the world’s largest forest certification system is committed to increase access to PEFC certification in tropical forests, especially for its core constituency, small-, family- ,and community forest owners.
Given the outcome of the discussions of the previous day, this workshop discusses the way forward for PEFC to overcome existing barriers and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

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