The launch of the 'State of Biodiversity Markets' report, March 9th, Washington DC

March 9 - March 10, 2010 Host Ecosystem Marketplace


 The report, which will be provided free to the public on Ecosystem Marketplace’s main page on March 5th, expands on our initiative to track conservation banks ( along with active and developing biodiversity offset and compensation programs around the world.  The report represents a massive research effort, including: interviews and personal communication with over 60 key contacts around the world; outreach to over 60 US regulators; online research; and research of published articles and reports.


A sample of our research findings:

·         The global annual biodiversity market size is $1.8-$2.9 billion at minimum, and likely much more, as 80% of existing programs are not transparent enough to estimate their market size

·         39 existing compensatory mitigation programs around the world, ranging from programs with active mitigation banking of biodiversity credits to programs channeling development impact fees to policies that drive one-off offsets

·         Another 25 programs in various stages of development or investigation

·         Within each active offset program, there are numerous individual offset sites, including over 600 mitigation banks worldwide

·         Yearly sales volume of mitigation banking in the US is about $1.2-2.4 billion, representing the sale of ecosystem service credits from environmental restoration and preservation of habitat ranging from Florida panther habitat to coastal wetlands to California tiger salamander habitat

·         US wetland and species credit prices range from about $1,500 to $600,000


A press release for the report can be found here:  Again, the final report will be released online Friday, March 5th, on the Ecosystem Marketplace’s main page.

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