Istanbul Carbon Summit

April 2 - April 3, 2015 Host Sustainable Production and Consumption Association & Energy Efficiency Association Istanbul Turkey

We would like to inform you regarding upcoming Istanbul Carbon Summit which is organized by Sustainable Production and Consumption Association in cooperation with Energy Efficiency Association.

Some brief background: The 1st Istanbul Carbon Summit was held between 3-5 April 2014, during which leading expers from the European Commission, the OECD, the World Bank, the EBRD, IETA, ICAP, REC and other organizations discussed carbon management, emission trading, and clean energy technologies. The first summit had the full support of ministries in Turkey; high-level administers and senior technocrats from The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology delivered very informative and useful presentations on Turkey’s position with regard to climate change issues, adopted policies and related instruments to mitigate climate change.

The Istanbul Carbon Summit is the first in terms of providing such a platform to share and discuss carbon and climate change mitigation issues with a wide range of international experts coming from different disciplines to Turkish stakeholders. By doing so, we believe that Summit contributed significantly to improve knowledge capacity and awareness regarding carbon issues in Turkey.

The 2nd Istanbul Carbon Summit will be held between 2-3 April 2015 with the full support of our international partner International Emission Trading Association (IETA).

As indicated, Istanbul Carbon Summit contributed significantly to improve knowledge capacity and awareness regarding carbon issues in Turkey. The Summit also served as a perfect platform to establish colorations, Exchange of ideas, visibility and high level of networking for the stakeholders. Although the event started only this past year, it was a great success in terms of the great support we received from the Ministries in Turkey, in terms of the number and quality of national and international expert speakers, and in terms of the number and diversity of the participants. It was great pleasure for us, as the Sustainable Production and Consumption Association, to be noted and acknowledged by several national and international experts to consider this Summit as one of the top respectful international events Worldwide in 2014 on Carbon issues. Without ignoring the national aspects, our Association aims to organize ─░stanbul Carbon Summit regularly every year by expanding the topics according to new developments and intends to cover not only Turkey but also other neighboring countries and regions.

More information about the event is available here

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