Implementing Finance and Insurance Standards for the U.S. Forestry Carbon Market

June 29 - December 31, 1969 Host 2degrees

U.S. Forest Carbon Market – What steps are needed to provide investor confidence in the forest carbon arena? Would they be enough to meet compliance standards?

This webinar examines the benefits the U.S. forest carbon participants would derive from the adaptation and implementation of finance and insurance standards. In addition, we will discuss what is being discussed, as respects compliance standards in Washington, D.C.

* Standards and due-diligence procedures throughout the registry process. Explain why needed vs. current structures. How will these changes provide safeguards against potential fraudulent and/or litigious acts?
* Conservation Finance Requirements and why they are necessary. How will they increase, investor confidence.
* Permanence Solutions and how a) and b) are integral components.
* Latest Federal act pertaining to forestry. What steps should participants take to prepare themselves for compliance acceptance?


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March 2018