Governors' Global Climate Summit 3

November 15 - November 16, 2010 Host UC Davis

OUR VISION IS CLEAR: To catalyze climate change solutions to promote a clean, green global economy and economic prosperity for developed and developing nations.

At the Summit, California and its international partners will collaborate to share best practices, accelerate the development of green innovations, and grow our green economies.

In addition to showcasing innovative climate, energy, and environmental solutions from around the globe, the Summit will present pioneering business-government initiatives that are creating new jobs. Job creation based on green and clean enterprises will be highlighted as a new platform for economic prosperity and a possible resolution to the economic downturn of recent years.

The Summit will draw together thought leaders from government, business, nonprofits and academia with the multiple aims of:

  • Educating one’s self and others about emerging solutions to key global climate challenges and opportunities

  • Exchanging ideas and networking with fellow agenda-setters, business innovators, and government policy-makers about visionary public policies that accelerate clean energy usage

  • Discovering new business and financial investment opportunities in clean energy and early stage clean technology start-ups and companies based upon principles of sustainability

  • Forging public-private alliances at the intersection of business, financial services, governments and non-governmental organizations to promote bottom-up environmental solutions that are financially sustainable

  • Influencing the future path of the global green economy. Building on the successful momentum of the first two Summits, this year’s Summit will culminate in the launch of a new era of climate change solutions with the formation of R20 – Regions of Climate Action. R20 is a coalition of subnational governments working on green projects in both developed and developing countries that will reduce emissions while building our green economies.

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