Climate Investment Funds (CIF) 2011 Partnership Forum

June 24 - June 25, 2011 Host Climate Investment Funds and African Development Bank

This Partnership Forum will be a particularly important opportunity for dialogue about the CIF now that all CIF funds and programs are underway. We anticipate the Forum to be a dynamic gathering of all CIF stakeholders devoted to helping shape an effective CIF through on-the-ground implementation, knowledge-building and sharing of emerging lessons. The Forum provides a unique opportunity for all stakeholders – governments, civil society, indigenous peoples, private sector, and others – to contribute to deepening global understanding of climate change and development in the CIF context.

The Forum program is structured around plenary sessions engaging the voices of all stakeholders and open panel -discussions exploring ways to maximize CIF impact at the sectoral level. The interactive format provides an opportunity for Forum participants to present their perspectives, experiences, and reflections on CIF strategic directions, results and impacts. There will also be a learning symposium on latest developments in climate science and technology, and a poster session to offer the CIF’s 45 pilot countries the opportunity to showcase their evolving CIF programs and projects.

April 2018