Carbon Markets & Climate Finance Africa

January 24 - January 27, 2011 Host Green Power Conferences

Providing the continent’s carbon market leaders with the opportunity to come together to develop institutional capacity and substantially increase the pace of project investment and development.

Scheduled for the month after COP 16, Carbon Markets & Climate Finance Africa 2011 is the first opportunity for the stakeholders in Africa’s carbon future to digest the news from Cancun and take action to put Africa at the heart of the global carbon market.

Carbon Markets & Climate Finance Africa facilitates this aim by bringing you together with project hosts financiers, developers and legislators to deliver genuine market insight and the opportunity to make the most of your presence in the African carbon market.

The big topics addressed at Carbon Markets & Climate Finance Africa will include:

  • Digesting COP 16 – what does it mean for Africa?
  • Creating a positive legislative and regulatory environment
  • The common challenges faced by projects across the continent, how they can be overcome and how to minimize them in future
  • Securing financing for African projects in light of the Copenhagen Green Climate Fund and an unstable Euro zone
  • Examining the impact of CER price fluctuations on project hosts, developers and investors
  • Making the most of Africa’s forestry potential
  • How to use existing projects to determine lessons learned and develop best practice

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