Carbon Forestry 2011

July 13 - July 14, 2011 Host Forest Industry Engineering Association

Carbon Forestry 2011 will be the first conference of its type run in New Zealand aimed at carbon forestry and carbon trading opportunities. It builds on the very successful event, Future Forestry Finance that ran earlier in 2010.  Carbon Forestry 2011 is being designed for forest growers and owners, investors, financial institutions, brokers/traders and corporate entities that are starting to look at acquiring larger volumes of carbon credits to manage their liability.

The programme will cover the current state of the market, the legislative activity affecting carbon markets, what carbon trading is, investment opportunities in carbon forestry, risk mitigation strategies that can be employed to ensure the success of forestry carbon projects and case studies from forestry companies that have participated in some of the earlier trading in carbon credits.

This event is designed to move the market forward, give the financial and forestry industries a much clearer understanding of how the market is operating, who are the major players in the marketplace and identify market and investment opportunities that exist through carbon forestry.


Carbon Forestry 2011 is an industry focused forum providing the first real update in New Zealand on the current state of carbon forestry and opportunities that exist for those trading or looking at getting into this emerging market. Real case studies and insights into International and New Zealand carbon forestry markets will be the focus for the two-day event. 

New Zealand has been a world leader in establishing an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and forestry has, for better or worse, been at the forefront of this transition. The NZ Emissions Trading Scheme began in July 2010 and has the potential to create a significant rise in new forest plantings and investment in carbon forestry as a new asset class. 

Event Mission:

Carbon trading is a relatively untested market. There is still a lot of uncertainty over how it is run and, crucially, where this market will go in the future.  This event is designed to focus on where forestry fits into carbon trading and the opportunities that will exist in forestry over the next 12 months. The forest industry was the first to be directly affected by the New Zealand Government’s Emissions Trading Scheme. It’s now in a unique position to lead the country in building a successful and innovative carbon trading market.

Topics Covered:
By attending Carbon Forestry 2011, you will:
  • Hear local and international case studies on carbon forestry investments
  • Be updated on legislative activity affecting carbon markets - now and into the future
  • Evaluate the latest methods in measuring carbon stored in forests and its relationship with carbon credits.
  • Learn how to best invest in the carbon trading market for forestry and what actually affects pricing
  • See how demand for carbon offsets will impact the markets
  • Understand the policy & regulation currently affecting the forestry sector
  • Gain insight into Iwi groups and their impact on New Zealand’s carbon forestry
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies to ensure the success of forestry carbon projects
  • Identify investment opportunities and the implications of the economic and market uncertainty
  • Get greater understand of global carbon forestry markets and the opportunities these create for our local markets
  • Meet and do business face-to-face with every link in the New Zealand carbon and forestry market
Groups and individuals with a vested interest in forestry carbon trading will be attending. This will include:
  • Financiers & investors
  • Carbon traders & brokers
  • Forest owners, consultants and forestry professionals
  • Large rural land owners (farmers)
  • Maori groups
  • Downstream industries (sawmills, pulp and water)
  • Government, Policy & advisory bodies
  • Equipment & technology providers
  • Carbon markets associations
  • Carbon offset market industries



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