Carbon Farming Week 2011: PreparingFarmers to Trade

September 27 - September 29, 2011

The Year Soil Carbon Trading Started: Australian Agriculture is about to enter the fastest period of change in its history. Both sides of federal politics have declared that soil carbon will be a major part of their plans to tackle Climate Change. The first step towards opening the market for farm carbon ‘offsets’ took place on 1 July, 2010 when the Government released a Standard for a Voluntary Market called the National Carbon Offsets Standard (NCOS).

As soon as methodologies are approved, Australian farmers could have several new income streams available to them from several new enterprises. Farming that is focused on Carbon flows will change the structure of agriculture and life of the communities that rely on it.

The 2011 Carbon Farming Conference will be the first time the whole-of-farm carbon opportunity will be presented in one event. At the 2011 Carbon Farming Conference & Expo we throw open the doors to welcome land managers interested in management practices that lead to Sustainability and Sequestration, due to the possibility of new revenue streams.

Australian Farmers will soon be able to trade offsets from a range of environmental services:

  • soil carbon sequestration
  • managing for water efficiency
  • agroforestry
  • strategic plantings
  • reducing emissions, and
  • New skills will be needed:

  • Negotiating With Traders
  • Soil Carbon Farm Planning
  • Options for Methane Reductions
  • Options for N2O Reductions
  • Vegetation Planning
  • Managing Biofarming
  • Community Wind Farming
  • Solar Farming
  • selling energy to the GRID

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