Bridging local and global interests: Integration of domestic timber markets in FLEGT/VPAs and REDD+

January 17 - January 18, 2011 Host Tropenbos International

Two recent initiatives, FLEGT and REDD+, are envisioned to result in far-reaching impacts on forest management and forest sector governance in developing countries, including the informal use of forest resources. Their consequences for forest dwellers and small entrepreneurs whose livelihoods depend on the informal sector may be substantial. However, these socio-economic impacts of VPAs (and REDD+) on domestic markets remain unclear and require further attention. Effective mechanisms that bring domestic timber trade into a legal framework and maintain the positive social and economic benefits are subject for debate.

This seminar will discuss: how to address domestic timber trade and timber-dependent livelihoods effectively in VPAs; map the potential consequences of VPAs on local livelihoods; and discuss the relevance of these for the further development of forest governance programmes such as FLEGT and REDD+. The seminar focuses on Africa, in particular the three countries with signed VPAs - Ghana, Republic of Congo and Cameroon.

The seminar targets policy makers, professionals and researchers with an interest in the interaction between international forest policies and local livelihoods.

Objectives of the Seminar

  • To share lessons learned on how to address domestic timber production meaningfully within VPAs: how can producers for the domestic market be brought within a formal framework.
  • To discuss the possible impacts of VPAs on local livelihoods.
  • To discuss how these experiences relate to the newly evolving REDD+ process.
  • To identify and assess the key issues, conditions and perspectives for synergy between FLEGT and REDD+ to enhance good forest governance, sustainable timber production and local livelihoods.

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