The Aichi-Nagoya Ministerial Meeting of the REDD+ Partnership

October 26 - October 26, 2010 Host The Government of Japan and the Government of Papua New Guinea
        Key objectives of the meeting are:
  • Review achievement of actions and financing taken under the Partnership since its establishment.
  • Discuss the way to strengthen and to further improve the implementation of the Partnership.
  • Provide strong political momentum for the success of:
  • the UNFCCC-COP16 by showing constructive and concrete action-oriented process of the Partnership implementation.
  • the CBD-COP10, recognizing that forest conservation provides co-benefits of biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation.
        Further information including the agenda will be forwarded to the participants in due course.
        As all site of NCC will be restricted during COP10 (including 26th Oct.), stakeholders who wish to participate the REDD+ Ministerial meeting are advised to register as CBD COP10 participant and obtain CBD COP10 budge to enter NCC. Additional identification for those, who are not able to register to CBD COP10, is under consideration.
        Please provide the name, title and e-mail addresse of one (1) delegate who wishes to attend the meeting no later than Wednesday (sic) Friday, 15 October 2010, to the following e-mail addresses. Please also indicate whether the participant will have a COP10 badge or not.
        Please be noticed it might be necessary to limit the number of stakeholder participants to the meeting due to the capacity of the venue and security reason. In that case we will ask UN-REDD Programme Team/FCPF Facility Management Team to facilitate selection among stakeholders.
        Participants are requested to contact the Japanese Embassies/Consulates, as early as possible, to obtain information regarding an entry visa to Japan.
        The two governments look forward to working with stakeholders toward fulfilling the core objectives of the REDD+ Partnership.
        Best regards,
(For PNG)
Federica Biettta
Special Advisor on Climate Change
Office of the Prime Minister,
Papua New Guinea
(For Japan)
Junya Nakano
Senior Negotiator for Climate Change
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,


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